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Because everyone needs recharging



Who is  "Souly"  ?

Inside each one of us there’s an invisible battery
This is where all of your positive energy, all the good things you feel and think about yourself exist - inside your “Souly”.


When your battery is fully charged you feel great!.
When your battery is weak, you feel bad, you're sad -  you’re drained.
Everyone you meet can either recharge your battery or drain it, and you can affect other people’s’ batteries, too.


“Souly” is a social-educational program helping kids, parents and teachers improve their life and social environment with tools for developing emotional intelligence.

Want to learn more about "Souly"?

On this website you will find information for parents and teachers, including videos, games, tips and so much more…

"Souly" the Book

The idea behind "Souly" 


Advice from  "Souly"




Happy families


Tips for recharging


Incredible battery

Parents & Teachers

Hello Teachers!

Turn your class into a fun club – the "Battery Chargers Club".

Set club behaviour guidelines (help each other, treat each other kindly, don’t hurt each other, etc.).

Create rituals such as “group recharging”.    

Give out a member patch or bracelet and so on.

Hi Parents

The family atmosphere reflects your values and is one of the most influential factors on your children’s development.

"Souly" offers activities that will help you recharge and energize your family.

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