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Souly Dolly

Souly Dolly


The Souly Doll - modeled after the “Soully Battery” character - is designed to help kids identify with its positive values.

The soft, plush doll has a back pocket which allows the player to insert a hand and make it “speak”. This is a wonderful way for parents to convey educational messages, discuss emotions and analyze situations. On the other hand, kids can use Souly to more easily open up and communicate.

Additionally, the pocket also functions as a mailbox for kids who’d like to share emotions, thoughts, or experiences with Souly - or even to ask questions.

As parents, you can collaborate with your kids in writing or drawing and tucking the message to Souly’s pocket at bedtime. After “posting” the message, you can choose one of 2 options:

  • Write a response letter from Souly, which your child will find in the morning.

  • If you encounter a challenging question and you’re debating how to respond - you’re welcome to write to us (through the site or Facebook) and we’ll respond at the earliest convenience.
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