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Thirty Sentences that will empower your child

How many times have you wanted to express how proud you are of your child, and found yourself using the same expressions over and over again - "Good", "Well Done"?

Most of us are aware of the need to empower our children. Complementing their actions helps strengthen their self-image.

Using a wide range of vocabulary can increase a child's sense of pride and have an enhanced effect.

Here is a list of phrases to help you to empower your children, increase their sense of confidence in themselves, and feel your love for them:

1. "What an amazing child you are!" 2. "You are the best!" 3. "You're so talented! " 4. "You're the king!" 5. "What a champion!" 6. "What would I do without you?" 7. "How lucky I am that you are mine!" 8. "You saved me with your help!" 9. "Well done for trying to..." 10. "You're wonderful!" 11. "You are so smart!" 12. "I could never do that successfully!" 13. "You're brilliant!" 14. "Simply a genius!" 15. "I can not believe you did this... this is really a work of art!" 16. "You're so handsome!" 17. "I do’nt think many children succeed / dare to do what you did ..." 18. "You're just a great kid!" 19. "I'm so glad you're my son!" 20. "I love you so much!" 21. "I really admire you!" 22. "You're great!" 23. "Wow! I'm speechless!" 24. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me!" 25. "I missed you all day!" 26. "I thought about you all day!" 27. "I have so much fun with you!" 28. "My heart almost explodes from my love for you!" 29. "I wanted to consult with you ..." 30. "You're so good at ..."

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. Questions? Dilemmas? Send them over - we’d love to help. We’ll be happy to hear about your experiences. Happy Charging



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