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About  "Souly"

Let's get to know "Souly" and join the project’s many dedicated fans!


"Souly" is a social education project which helps children, parents, and teachers improve their own life quality as well as their social environment using emotional intelligence development tools.


The basic idea behind project "Souly" is easily explained:
Each one of us has an invisible battery ...
This battery contains all our positive energy, all the good things we feel and think about ourselves


When you feel positive about yourself your battery is charged.
When you feel down, your battery is drained.
You can charge your own battery, and other people can help you to charge your battery as well.
Everyone you meet can recharge your battery or drain it, and you too have an impact on other people’s batteries

The Battery metaphor, which is at the core of “Souly”, makes the inner emotional world of each one of us tangible, and creates a new language that helps us better express emotions, understand social situations, provide tools to deal with situations of conflict, and prevent violence among children and teenagers.

This project is so unique thanks to its simplicity - it is straight-forward, making it easy to implement and to understand - even for very young kids.

This is not yet another tedious and cumbersome educational program. Rather, a recharging station for any environment where it is implemented.
"Souly" is a versatile, colorful and creative project, which includes a variety of activities, props, reminders and training tools that allow everyone to feel good with themselves, and improve their relationship with their environment.


The project is based on experiences, because we believe real change can be achieved only through actions and experimenting. That’s why we’ve created a "social working environment" that offers unique content and activities while making it possible to implement and empower additional educational programs.
Each social term or educational value becomes more tangible when it is described by using "Souly"’s language.
The "Souly" project is a great fit for all kinds of environments - like family, school, kindergarten, workplace, and community.
Families who have adopted "Souly", express great enthusiasm, and report improvement in the general atmosphere and emotional communication at home


"Souly’s" vision: creating a positive social environment based on respect, consideration and awareness for the feelings and needs of others. Reducing and preventing violence through increased self-awareness and personal empowerment. Providing effective tools for dealing with social conflict


Interested in joining the "battery charge" community?  

Get started by visiting the website, try the suggested activities, and invite your children.
Did you like it? of course!


Contact us and get information on a variety of workshops and options for implementing the project at home, in school, in kindergarten, at your workplace or in your community.

Please share your experiences with others, the power of "Souly" will increase as more people participate


Remember - being a "battery charger" is a way of life!

Founder and Developer of the Project

Sigal Elbaz 

Since attaining her Masters degree in Social Work (MSW), Sigal has been working with children and youth, using the "creative therapy" approach which she developed.
Sigal is a developer of games and therapeutic group intervention programs.
She believes that positive self-perception and self-esteem are influenced and shaped by the environment and the underlying sense of each person's well-being.

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