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Dear Parents  

Each family has its unique character - its very own family atmosphere.
The family atmosphere reflects family values, and has a major influence on the development of children

A Family atmosphere that feels secure and supportive, encourages emotional expression and creativity and conveys love, warmth and acceptance - is a "battery charging" atmosphere which allows children to believe in their abilities, to dare to try new things, enjoy their successes, and develop self-confidence and a sense of competence


A recharged family is a joyful family!

"Souly" offers several family activities that will help you ensure the “battery charger” environment in your family:

Getting to know "Souly"

  • Introduce "Souly" and the theory of the battery to your child,  through a video clip on the homepage, the booklet of "Souly" or the book.

  • Discuss the idea, explain and give examples from their daily lives.

  • Propose the idea of becoming a "battery charger" family - Give examples of how they can recharge batteries in the family - Say kind words, offer help, express feelings, be considerate of others, and avoid criticism and violence.

For each family member, prepare a personal envelope with their name, and fill it with notes including “energizing” sentences (words of love, words of appreciation, words of encouragement) this envelope can be used as an "energy recharger" for days when their battery is a bit weak.
Adopt the battery language as your daily language – each day ask your child what his or her battery level is, who helped them recharge the battery today and who drained the battery? The answers may surprise you…

Souly Dolly - The Playful Way to Boost Emotional Communication In the Family.

The Souly Doll - modeled after the “Soully Battery” character - is designed to help kids identify with its positive values.

The soft, plush doll has a back pocket which allows the player to insert a hand and make it “speak”. This is a wonderful way for parents to convey educational messages, discuss emotions and analyze situations. On the other hand, kids can use Souly to more easily open up and communicate.

Additionally, the pocket also functions as a mailbox for kids who’d like to share emotions, thoughts, or experiences with Souly - or even to ask questions.

As parents, you can collaborate with your kids in writing or drawing and tucking the message to Souly’s pocket at bedtime.


After “posting” the message, you can choose one of 2 options:

  1. Write a response letter from Souly, which your child will find in the morning.

  2. If you encounter a challenging question and you’re debating how to respond - you’re welcome to write to us and we’ll respond at the earliest convenience.

Want to give your child the opportunity to practice and learn the principles of "Souly" ?

Click here to download a DIY version of the game.


Through a challenging and fun game, the children will learn to embrace the new emotional language, experiencing situations of recharging and discharging batteries, and receiving energy bills!
All you need is: a printer, cardboard paper, scissors, a laminator (optional) and a little patience ..

Tip-  Make the game preparation an activity with your kids and use this opportunity to recharge the batteries of your children!

Family Charging - Group Activities and Fun

Group activities strengthen family ties, create shared experiences and fond memories, and help break the routine.
Each family has their favorite pastime – some families prefer spending time away from home, some prefer spending time together indoors, other families like to spend time with friends, and yet other families prefer to spend time just with their children.
It is important to remember that not all family activities charge the whole family.
Fun at the beach, for example, can be wonderful, but for one of the children who can’t stand the contact with sand, it might be a nightmare ...
Group family time should be used to recharge and energize the whole family - so consider what entertainment or activity is charging the whole family and try to do them often.

Surprise Chargers - surprise your kid with a small unexpected gesture that will energize them


Here are a some ideas:

  • Make their favorite food, give them an unexpected hug and remind them how lucky you are to have them!

  • Hide some small gifts in their room.

  • Treat them occasionally with a day off.

  • Invite them to spend some one-on-one time with you.

  • Attach a recharging note to their sandwich (you can purchase "Souly’s" stickers here)


For more ideas go to "Advice from Souly"

                                       Happy Charging

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